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We have been doing a lot of reading and checking out trends for 2021 (as we’ve had a fair bit more time on our hands) We’ve picked a few things as they are suited to both residential to commercial sectors.

Kitchens / worktops

Kitchens are shifting away from the longtime classic white, and experts are welcoming a new colour trend: black.

Shiny surfaces are becoming redundant and matte natural-looking finishes are in. 2021 trends have said to expect work-surfaces to be made of wood or marble style to give a classic and understated look.


Ranging from clusters of bare bulbs in dynamic arrangements, elegant sculptural shapes and styles and vibrantly coloured shades, these are just some of the lighting trends experts have predicted.


From mixing bright and bold contrasting colours to rich tones, geometrics and intricate patterns, The 2021 carpet trend sees self-expression as key.


The fabrics for summer 2021 can roughly be divided into two main themes: Lightness and Raw Surfaces. It also sees an abundance of colourful blooms and contemporary florals.


Wallpaper has gone through varying periods of popularity over the years, The right wallpaper can make a real statement and inspiring backdrop for any room; if done correctly!

Three key trends that certainly get us are; Maximalist masterpieces, Toiles that tell a story and Show-stopping florals. (One of our favourites is BOBO1325 whose collections are a perfect example of all three.)


Baths and Basins are usually the focus when thinking about bathroom design. But it seems that in 2021 tiles will be!

Bespoke and art-inspired patterns, handmade finishes, exotic colours and shapes.

Artificial plants / Walls:

Fake plants, faux foliage, or whatever you want to call them — offer a simple solution. Their leaves will never drop, and there’s no need to worry about watering them. (Which is a great one for us given the only living plants at DSN HQ are Cacti.) They are also a favourite for many in Leisure Industry to create insta-worthy dramatic backdrops which can be changed with the season with minimal upheaval.

We’re swooning over the bathroom in our images with faux foliage and the hexagon tiles, This makes us feel like we’d be showering in a rainforest.

The images shown are from some of our Partners exhibiting at DesignFestivalNorth – Who have clearly been ahead of the trend.

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