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We’ve been chatting with Beth Travers, Creative Director of BOBO1325

‘Established in 2016. Bobo1325 is a design studio – born by the desire to imagine more than just a motif in order to produce a ‘pretty pattern’ it is about creating an art form. For the clients who want more out of their interiors they want art they want intrigue, they want a statement.’

(*We’ve taken those wise words from Beths website 😉 Take a look and buy the things – you will not regret it!)

Claire: So lets start at the beginning … Where and what did you study?

Beth: I studied at Huddersfield university. Starting my 1st year in interior architecture; Realising quickly that designing the wallpapers and things ‘inside’ a building was something I enjoyed more. So after speaking with tutors about changing courses I applied (and was accepted) to the Surface pattern design course for fashion and interiors.

I knew I didn’t want to be in fashion, As fashion comes and goes and rapidly changes, and I like to tell stories with my collections I went down the surface pattern route.

Claire: Who inspires you inside & outside of the Interior Design world?

Beth: Inside it would have to be Florence Broadhurst – A surface pattern designer in Australia.

Florence inspired me with how she could tell a story with her designs, you can see where she had been, and what she had seen on her travels. My first Internship was at Signature prints in Sydney Australia, as they had the rights to Florences work. I was there for a few months and got to see her work / collections printed.

I have also always looked up to Timorous Beasties – I love their fun, tongue in cheek designs.

Outside, I’d also say the social conscience all my main collections have a story or theme from mental health, climate change, plastic in the ocean and gender equality.

Claire: What has been your career highlight to date, and what are you still looking to do/achieve?

Beth: Winning the Fespa award.

(The Fespa Awards Celebrate Print excellence.)

It’s FESPA’s mission to champion print excellence and promote the unique power of print. The Awards are just one element of our Profit for Purpose programme, which exists to educate and inspire, encouraging our community to connect, sharing ideas and best practice that will help everyone grow.

BOBO1325 won the Gold award for Print Interiors in 2020 – An Interiors project called ‘Leila Lilys’ in Newcastle, where her wallpaper and fabric were used throughout the scheme. *Leila Lily’s is part of the Malhotra Group.

I would love to design an aeroplane inside and out, the tail and interior – all of it… Maybe one day!

Also really want to experiment and do more – and more time to just draw and paint.

Claire: What’s the best Design Lesson you’ve learnt?

Beth: Surround yourself by people you can trust and build your network.

Costing – its really difficult to put a value on your time when you were doing something you love!

Claire: What is next for Bobo?

Beth: Launch of the Qbic Hotel, Manchester City centre in April 2021.

There are also things in the pipeline / concept stages.

Claire: If you could have any other Job, what would it be?

Beth: I’d love to be Photo journalist – going to war zones and photographing them/it.

Claire: What’s your favourite city in the world for architecture and inspiration?

Beth: Berlin.

Claire: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Beth: An Assassin … It changed daily as a child… air hostess etc but it was always an Assassin on Fridays!

*Incidentally I always wanted to be a Police officer so we’d have gone together quite well back then!

Claire: Describe your perfect Sunday.

BethHiking!! I would probably be at the top of Kinder Scout

Anything outdoors and with the Bets mobile (*A stunning Yellow bike with basket and handlebar tassels)

Final Question (for this Q&A) …

Claire: Name a song that always makes you smile?

Beth: Sedona by Houndmouth – its my go to pick, A Pep in my step kinda song!

We then went on to talk about what animals or biscuits we’d be but we’ll save that for another time…

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