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The world of design is an ever-evolving canvas of creativity, where every brushstroke represents innovation and inspiration. For three extraordinary years, Design Festival North has taken centre stage in Manchester, captivating the Architecture and Design (A&D) community with its inventive approach to showcasing the latest products. In 2024, this illustrious festival embarks on an exhilarating journey, with one of its premier stops being the culturally vibrant city of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

A Peek into the History of Design Festival North

Design Festival North, affectionately known as DFN, is no ordinary design event. It’s a platform that unites Interior Designers, Architects, Specifiers, and Operators, creating an environment where the design world thrives. Over the years, this festival has evolved, consistently pushing the boundaries of design and reshaping how professionals source, connect, and discover inspiration.

The Tour Continues: Welcome to Newcastle

In 2024, Design Festival North takes its act on the road, unveiling the crème de la crème of design products and concepts. Newcastle Upon Tyne, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, dynamic atmosphere, and forward-thinking spirit, is one of the chosen destinations. This decision to extend the festival’s reach speaks to the dynamic nature of the A&D community and the demand for a more comprehensive and accessible platform for industry professionals.

What Awaits You in Newcastle

So, what does Design Festival North have in store for you in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2024? Here’s a glimpse into what promises to be an exhilarating experience for design enthusiasts and industry professionals:

A Diverse Spectrum of Exhibitors

One of the defining traits of Design Festival North is its ability to bring together a kaleidoscope of leading design industry suppliers. In Newcastle, anticipate engaging with exhibitors representing various design sectors, from furniture and lighting to fabrics and wallcoverings. The festival presents a distinctive chance to explore and immerse yourself in the latest products, trends, and innovations.

Networking and Collaboration

Design isn’t merely about products; it’s equally about the individuals behind them. At Design Festival North, networking takes centre stage. Professionals hailing from various design disciplines congregate to exchange ideas, foster collaboration, and establish new connections. Whether you’re an interior designer in pursuit of fresh inspiration or an architect in search of the ideal materials, the festival offers a space for profound interactions.

Newcastle’s Unique Backdrop

Design Festival North in Newcastle isn’t confined to being an event; it’s an involving experience. The city itself is a dynamic tapestry of history, art, and culture. The festival affords you the chance to bask in the rich heritage of Newcastle while exploring its contemporary design scene. Whether you’re wandering through its historical streets or admiring its modern architectural marvels, Newcastle provides a distinctive and inspiring backdrop to the festival.

Impactful Design

Design Festival North transcends the mere showcasing of products; it’s about making a resounding impact on the world of design. By participating in the festival, you’re presented with the opportunity to witness the latest innovations, ideas, and trends that are moulding the industry. It’s an avenue to gain a competitive edge and remain at the forefront of design excellence.

The Bigger Picture

The addition of Design Festival North in Newcastle Upon Tyne symbolizes more than just a change in location. It signifies a strategic response to the evolving requirements of the A&D community. We recognise that design professionals, regardless of their location, necessitate access to the latest products and a platform for collaboration. Newcastle, with its rich design culture, is a perfect host for this year’s edition.

In Conclusion

Design Festival North: Newcastle Upon Tyne Edition 2024 pledges to be a momentous event for the Architecture and Design community. It’s a celebration of creativity, innovation, and collaboration, set against the backdrop of Newcastle’s rich cultural tapestry. The extension of this festival to new cities underscores the growing importance of design in our lives and the necessity for an all-encompassing platform that brings the design world closer.

So, mark your calendars and prepare to be inspired. Design Festival North is arriving in Newcastle on Tuesday May 28th 2024, and it promises to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who possesses a fervor for design. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional seeking the latest innovations or a design enthusiast on a quest for inspiration, this festival offers something for everyone.

This is more than just a design event; it’s an exploration of people, ideas, and the future of design. Design Festival North assembles the finest minds in the industry, and the Newcastle Upon Tyne edition in 2024 is no exception. Get ready to explore, connect, and be inspired by the ever-evolving world of design. We look forward to seeing you there!


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