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After meeting Neon Creations when they exhibited at our Design Festival North event in 2021 we’ve been chatting ever since and finally found time to visit their studio in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Arriving at Swan Business Centre (a converted mill) and walking down the corridor we wondered if we were in the right place, hmm. Then we saw the studio door, opened it and ta-da… it’s a visual onslaught (in an excellent kind of way)… a workspace filled with neon signs, lights and artwork – a mind blowing display of creativity and of course lots of light – you’ve got to see it to believe it.

We were greeted by owners Catherine and Tony who a very passionate about the craft of original Neon Sign making. Neon Creations was founded in 2005 and the team have over 90 years combined experience in the neon sign making industry, specialising in the design and manufacture of custom made neon signs and art.

After a good look around at all the different styles, sizes and intricate designs of the neon signs (and an insight into the never ending ideas of how to integrate neon not only as signs but as artwork into interior spaces) it was our turn to have a go. Tony very kindly allowed us to have a go at glass bending – we won’t be giving up the day job just yet as that skill is definitely one that takes time to master. Patience, knowledge and a respect for very, very hot (and fragile) glass is required, and this isn’t something you can learn in half an hour. Staring into a piercing flame holding a glass tube was daunting, but also great fun!

There’s a multitude of glass and colour combinations that can be used to create something very unique and eye-catching. If you fancy a go at it yourself then you can with a Neon Sign Making Workshop.

Neon Creations have a super workshop space displaying the possibilities of real neon – if you’re looking for authentic neon signs for your home or business then give them a call, even better pop in to see them, you will not be disappointed.

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