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At Design Festival North 2022, in conjunction with our friends at Neon Creations, we ran a competition where the winner visited their workshop and had the opportunity to make their own neon sign!

After a brief history of neon and of Neon Creations, an intro to flames and and how to make simple bends and a final discussion around the chosen design the luck winner got to work making!

– We can’t reveal exactly what was made…We think you can guess what it is?! All we’ll say is – it just goes to show you really can make anything when it comes to Neon signs.

There were also 3 x runners up who got to try their hand at glass bending.

We set up an evening visit where these lucky ladies learnt all about the history of Neon Sign Making along with a tour of the workshop, which as we’ve said before is awesome. Neon for days!

In-between the demonstration and the ‘practical session’ we opted for a pizza break (and fizzy pop of course), ready for having a go at bending glass tubes themselves – and yes, it really is as hard as it looks.

There’s a multitude of glass and colour combinations that can be used to create something very unique and eye-catching. If you fancy a go at it yourself then you can with a Neon Sign Making Workshop.

Neon Creations have a super workshop space displaying the possibilities of real neon – if you’re looking for authentic neon signs for your home or business then give them a call, even better pop in to see them, you will not be disappointed.

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