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We recently headed to Scotland, Glasgow to be precise, to work with Ocee Design on running 2 more of our Winter Wreath making workshops.

Ocee asked us to work with them in running 2 evenings for clients Tsunami Axis and Alpha Scotland. These evenings were a little more intimate that our recent 3 night Manchester soirée… we pitched up at each of the host companies showrooms with a guest list of 10 people on each evening (if you made the cut then bravo!). The aim: to get creative, take on the wreath making challenge and have a few laughs along the way. The evenings we a great success, giving the opportunity to catch up with one another in a very relaxed, non-networking kind of way, just how we like it.

As part of the package Design Social North put together for these Winter Wreath making corporate evenings in Scotland there was expert tuition from our professional florist. All the components (fresh moss, spruce and a multitude of different dried adornments and feathers) were provided and everyone was shown (and guided) on how to make a wreath.

The finished products were all very creative and unique, with not a duff one in sight. Not only did they all look amazing they smelt fantastic too.

After much laughter, creative sparks, festive food and drinks, and pine needles everywhere, everyone went home with a smile on their face, and a spring in their step.

It was a pleasure to meet the teams at Tsunami Axis and Alpha Scotland – we’ll be back to see you again soon. And thank you to Ocee Design for the invite and collaboration. We’re looking forward to what 2022 has in store!

If you’re interested in hosting a corporate event with a difference, please get in touch.

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