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Tuesday June 11th 2024

Venue: Trafalgar Warehouse, Sheffield, S1 4JT

Sheffields’ Top 1-Day Event: Unveiling NEW Design-Led Products for Architects and Designers.

The North’s most exciting showcase of NEW design-led products for the A&D Community

WHEN: Tuesday 11th June 2024

WHERE: Trafalgar Warehouse, 120 Trafalgar St, Sheffield. S1 4JT

WHAT TIME: Midday > 6PM


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Design Festival North provides a fantastic opportunity to connect and interact with both your existing and potential suppliers. Experience their products firsthand as they bring their showrooms directly to you, all in a laid-back and welcoming setting.

As a visitor you’ll be able to find out more about the newest colours trends, sustainability, lighting, wood, tiles, technology and much more.

You’ll have the opportunity to speak to suppliers one-to-one about NEW products and technology, and how to go about integrating their products into your designs. Plus you can chat with fellow professionals in a relaxed social environment.

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June has arrived bringing with it the vibrant colours of early summer, extended daylight hours, and the promise of warmer days ahead. During this time, the air is charged with excitement as creative supply chains come alive with a profusion of fresh and innovative products.

We’re gathering the most exceptional Creative Brands and Suppliers and connecting them with Designers, Architects, Movers and Shakers, and Decision Makers. Our goal is to create vibrant communities, foster collaboration, and nurture enduring relationships in this sun-soaked season of possibilities.

If you want to touch, feel & experience the latest products, trends & innovations then Design Festival North in Sheffield is the event for you.

Who’s at Design Festival North in Sheffield 2024

Trafalgar Warehouse

Step into the world of ‘Trafalgar Warehouse,’ a remarkable event space in Sheffield that epitomizes industrial elegance and design innovation. With its exposed brick walls, soaring ceilings, and vast open spaces, this venue is a testament to architectural prowess and the destination for Design Festival North in Sheffield.

Centrally located in Sheffield, ‘Trafalgar Warehouse’ offers convenient access and is surrounded by a thriving urban landscape.

It is a creative haven, fostering inspiration and collaboration. It’s the perfect setting to connect with fellow design enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and ignite fresh innovations that will shape the future of interior design and architecture.

Trafalgar Warehouse in Sheffield

About Design Festival North…

In the ever-changing realm of interior design and architecture, remaining at the forefront isn’t merely a desire; it’s a necessity. Design Festival North emerges as the ultimate sanctuary for design enthusiasts, architects, specifiers, and anyone with a fervor for crafting spaces that inspire and resonate.

This exclusive event offers an intimately tailored experience, diverging from the conventions of traditional trade shows. Here, you can intimately interact with products, engaging your senses by touching, feeling, and experiencing them firsthand – suppliers have brought their showrooms to your doorstep.

Among Design Festival North’s most compelling assets is the opportunity to connect with peers, industry luminaries, and prospective collaborators. Architects, interior designers, and specifiers find themselves in the company of kindred spirits, each offering a unique perspective and a treasure trove of experiences. It’s where enduring connections are forged and collaborative ventures take flight.

However, this festival transcends the confines of indoor exploration; it beckons you to traverse the urban landscape as well. With venues spanning Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield, and Manchester, these cities boast a rich architectural heritage, serving as the perfect canvas for a grand celebration of design and innovation.

Whether you’re an architect with a vision to reshape urban panoramas or an interior designer dedicated to crafting captivating spaces, Design Festival North equips you with the requisite tools, connections, and inspiration to thrive in this fiercely competitive industry. It’s the epicenter where you can refine your skills, broaden your horizons, and unearth fresh perspectives to fuel your next magnum opus.

Design Festival North isn’t just another design event; it’s a movement, a dynamic force of innovation and collaboration that every architect and interior designer should experience firsthand. So, mark your calendars for June and brace yourself for a design journey that promises to be unlike any other.

It's FREE to visit - Register NOW

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Product demonstrations, free trials and samples are some of the best ways to lure in potential customers and gain a consensus about your brand and its offerings.

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Capture and increase potential client engagement so that they can become actual clients.

Direct and Personal Sales Opportunities

It’s proven that personal or face-to-face interaction can influence the other party very quickly. Meeting ‘in person’ is the best way to create opportunities for direct sales.

Cost-effective Networking

The business you receive after the event is generally far bigger than your investment and this fact is the reason why companies love exhibiting. Cost-effective networking can lure in potential customers and make them your loyal ones.

Create Brand Visibility

With a broad visitor audience of varied interest you have a chance to promote to a more extensive and diversified group who may not be aware or knowledgeable about your products and services, bringing loyalty, and credibility in the market.

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